Love is an amazing thing.<br/>Commissioned editorial illustration on the topic of sociopathy.<br/><br/>2020


I'm taking advantage of being me

Stone Dead 'Floating' music video

Super Diva - RTP

Poster designed for Stone Dead's 'Monks Tour'.<br/>Stone Dead is a rock band based in Alcobaça. You can listen to their music <a class='text-pink' rel='noopener noreferrer' target='_blank' href=''>here</a>.<br/><br/>2019

The Monks Tour Poster

Animation serie for Milhões de Festa

Tour Poster for Mr. Gallini

Vodafone WTF


'Indiegente' is a rock radio program that has been hosted by Nuno Calado for over 20 years. It aims to broadcast the latests releases of the contemporary rock scene.<br/><br/>This project consisted on the creation of a renewed sound branding concept, which includes the production of several audio elements as theme songs, background music, audio logos, idents and tabs.<br/>All the project was directed and produced by Bruno Gallini.<br/><br/>2018

Sound Branding for Antena 3

Filho Sarilho

Mr. Gallini 'Bad Mood' music video

Full album written, recorded, mixed and produced by Bruno Gallini.<br/>Mastered by Filipe Adubeiro.<br/>Released by Lovers & Lollipops and Ya Ya Yeah.<br/><br/>2018

Mr. Gallini - Lovely Demos

Flyer design commissioned by <a class='text-pink' rel='noopener noreferrer' target='_blank' href=''>Ya Ya Yeah</a>.<br/><br/>2019

Deaf Kids Poster Design

Minimal character design experiment for a comics mini serie called 'Everyone has problems in their heads'.<br/>Personal Project.<br/>2020

Everyone has problems in their heads

Filho Sarilho is a music school directed for children who want to learn their first instrument. Based in Alcobaça, Portugal, it aims to communicate through the simplest ways with kids all over the country.<br/><br/>In 2018 I was invited to compose and produce a serie of jingles and sound design elements for promo purposes of their services.<br/>The logo was made by <a class='text-pink' rel='noopener noreferrer' target='_blank' href=''>Tenório</a>.

Sound Design for Filho Sarilho

Astrodome 'Fall' music video

Commissioned digital illustration.<br/>'Faste um homem já que a tua mulher não o é'<br/>Adulterated Portuguese sayings.<br/><br/>2020


Stone Dead 'Candy' music video

Mr. Gallini 'Fink the Alien' music video

Commissioned digital illustration.<br/>Mais vale um pássaro na mão do que uma mão num pássaro.<br/>Adultered Portuguese sayings.<br/><br/>2020

Bird Boy

Mr. Gallini 'The Future' music video

Good Boys Artwork Animation

Stone Dead 'TILTS' music video

Editorial illustration on the subject of Contemporary Education.<br/><br/>2020

Fábio introducing himself as a good person

'Vinho Espumegante' for RTP

Commissioned canvas painting style.<br/><br/>2020


This is just my first graffiti ever. And it is still there.<br/>Faro, 2019

Mural Painting

2017 Showreel

Big dicks don't hurt feelings

Opera do Castelo Logo Ident


'Bruks is the rabbit you want to meet'.<br/>Logo illustration commissioned by Bruks Shop.<br/><br/>2020

Bruks the Rabbit

Lost in the supermarket

Love comes in spurts


Commissioned editorial illustration<br/>'Why do our teeth grow in two sets?'.<br/><br/>2020

2 Teeth

Tour poster design for Mr. Gallini.<br/>This was the presentation tour  of the album 'The Organist'.<br/>You can listen to the full album <a class='text-pink' rel='noopener noreferrer' target='_blank' href=''>here</a>.<br/><br/>2019

Mr. Gallini Tour Poster